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Young Carers Action Day

Today is young carers action day! And to celebrate the Young Carers support service hired the YOUF Centre to run a day of activities, bringing young carers together from across South Glos. There were workshops run by lots of other organisations on the day to give a taste of other services young people can engage with. These included: Off The Record councilling services; Creative Youth Network with a music workshop in our studio; FACE Filton ran a smoothie making workshop in the kitchen; The Young People's Drug and Alcohol service ran workshops in the hall; Along with ourselves offering skateboard tuition and a chance to try the ramps and an enormous inflatable surf simulator! 93% said they liked or loved it 68% said having attended they felt more connected with other young carers 73% are more aware of young peoples services in South Glos 88% are more aware of young carers services 60% said they were more likely to get support or try an activity with the organisations they met A few quotes given by young carers about the day "The excitement of meeting new people that have been through the same experiences" "I think that what these people are doing is great and it's really helped me talked to more people and boost my self-confidence" We certainly had an amazing time too, and so happy to have been part of this amazing day!

For more information on the young carers service follow @YoungCarersBSG

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