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We're Growing!

We are desperate to add extra sessions to The Boarding School's calendar, and need your help to do it!

We want to know what you want.

We have a fantastic team of skate coaches, with so much experience in youth work, skateboarding and coaching; could there be a need for 1 to 1 and group tuition?

Our open sessions can get pretty hectic and we can understand the need for a quieter space with a few less skaters to learn and share knowledge.

Or, are there other age ranges that are missing out? Younger siblings or Rad Rents that want to skate?

These sessions would be outside of our normal 'youth club' operations so will have a sustainable cost to them, but all funds raised goes towards supporting our youth work and amazing young people!

Please share your views with us by heading to our questionnaire and ticking a few boxes (takes 20 seconds, promise)! Just click the image below to go there now...

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