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Twenty Twenty Two, Review!

Wow what a year! To save you trawling through our previous blog and social posts we'll do a quick recap here:

Jan: The start of 2022 and getting sessions back up and running after our Christmas break. It appears my memory can't go back this far haha.

Feb: We ran a competition to go ice skating through half term holidays! Also in Feb we hosted the South Glos Awards night, were some of our skaters collected awards for the new skills they'd learnt. Some had put a Skate edit together which was shown on a projector, and we had Insurgent (a youth rock band that have coming to our music studio project for a few years) play a set to keep us entertained.

Mar: In March the Girl's only hour at the start of our Monday night sessions had grown so quickly, it needed to become a full session! A big concern at the start of The Boarding School project was how we could make space for everyone to get involved and reduce some of the barriers that can exist at outdoor skateparks. Some of the girls that have been coming since day one (you know who you are!) are so supportive of others, and have really helped create a sense of community and belonging for newer ones when they start. It's 100% down to them that we have a vibrant and growing girl skate scene at TBS.

Apr: We began work planning and building the micro spine ramp. Every couple of months our skate committee group meet to make important decisions on how TBS runs. The group also has a budget to spend which comes from the subs skaters pay to come in and the group voted to build a micro spine and consult with other users on shape/style/size etc.

May: Work continued on the Spine ramp with young people initialing the wood they cut and helping to assemble all the parts. The spine has become a great addition to ramps we have on offer, and a great stepping stone to conquering some of the larger spine ramps around Bristol's other skateparks.

Jun: TBS supported 2 community events with free skateboarding sessions for the Queen's Jubilee.

We also held our first birthday Comp, with skaters picking up some rad prizes in Girls only, U15's and over 15's comps!

Jul: We ran a trip to Thorpe Park!

Aug: We helped run a jam at Emersons Green Skatepark with CYN. It was great to be able to celebrate the park with Gordon Clapp who helped fund the build so many years ago! There were lots of comps for different diciplines, BBQ, DJ, and Graffiti workshops too.

Sep: We ran our over night skate trip to Camp Hillcrest. We travelled to 5 skateparks in total. Everyone was spent by the end of the trip but chomping at the bit to do another road trip again in 2023!

Oct: Unfortunately I had to miss the hallow'een jam due to covid but it looked like everyone had lots of fun in my absence. We also launched our first board graphic with the first few boards being given out as prizes for best fancy dress.

October also saw the pop up park in Cabot Circus carpark which was amazing to see the Bristol skate scene getting some mainstream exposure.

Nov: We saw some new additions to the park, a new grind ledge and we were super stoked to be gifted two of the wooden launch ramps from the Cabot Circus pop up park.

November also saw the start of our Sunday sessions, making the park more available for our regulars but also to skaters outside our normal youth sessions.

Dec: We had lots of Christmas themed crafts in the run up to our final session of 2022, which ended with a stocking filler treasure hunt round the park and secret Santa!

We had an amazing year, and we hoped all the young skaters did too! Here's to many more!

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