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Thanks to the Skate Committee, we've been instructed to plan some more trips!

The first suggestion is Pitt St Skatepark in Portsmouth. It's a 2hr minibus drive there, meaning a 4hr round trip, so not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach!

Pitt St is in an old Sainsbury's supermarket, so has a perfect floor, and is enormous! Star feature for me is their suuuuper wide mini ramp.

Pitt St is indoor so won't be affected by the weather, but to break up the journey we thought we'd plan a stop off at Warminster skatepark on the way, which is outdoor. Warminster is a fairly new Maverick concrete park and has: a nice bowl, jump ramp, street section, hips, ledges, hubbas, and a slappy curb 1/2 mile long (If it's raining we may have to miss this out).

The date for this trip is Saturday 20th May, unfortunately we can't have private use of Pitt St so we recommend confident skaters that are used to skating public sessions attend this one.

The cost of this trip will be £20, which covers entry and food at Pitt St skatepark, and we also advise bringing a packed lunch to eat at Warminster, or there's a Morrisons very close by.

Trip consent forms will be needed from a parent/guardian and be picked up during TBS sessions or here:

The second trip planned is a two night Boarding School Camp! Leaving Friday 7th July, after school, we'll head to Camp Hillcrest in St Briavels which has its own private indoor concrete park, as well as having a pool table, bungee net, tech deck park, giant chess etc etc. We will then return back to the boarding school on the 9th July fully exhausted and skated out!

Camp Hillcrest will be our base for the two nights, whilst we head out to different activities and skateparks during the day. Ultimately, what we do will be decided by the group, who'll have to develop some negotiation and planning skills! Accommodation at Camp Hillcrest is Dorm style, with boys - girls - staff all separate. If you have any questions please phone Rob the trip leader on 07894555645, there's no silly questions, and we know staying away from home can be daunting.

This is a full on skate dream trip so not to be missed, but also not the most entertaining if you only have a small interest in skateboarding (just ask Jill about last years trip! haha). We're asking young people to cover the accommodation cost which is £50, but this may go up a little bit if the group decide on an expensive day two activity (blame them).

Trip consent forms will be needed from a parent/guardian and be picked up during TBS sessions or here:

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