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TBS Skateboard Decks!

For those that aren't sure, The Boarding School is just one of the projects run by our parent charity, 'The YOU Foundation' aka The YOUF.

YOUF is a registered charity and able to run sessions at a low cost by applying for grants to pay for things like staff, heating and light. We want to make sure young people in Staple Hill and surrounding areas continue to have access to fun activities and challenges that might be too expensive or difficult to organise on their own.

BUT, as well as grant fundraising we also raise funds through direct donations. These are mainly made directly or through our website (here) and These donations enable us to go a little further: run trips, like the recent one to Ninja Warrior, and the road trip to Camp Hillcrest; buy new equipment like loaner boards, pads and helmets, and the constant need for first aid stuff like wrist splints haha; and also, most importantly, PRIZES!

Thanks to your donations we were able to buy loads of prizes for our recent Halloween Jam ranging from bags of sweets, to skateboard goodies, to our grand prize on the night, a skateboard deck! Not any old deck though, a custom, very limited run of Boarding School branded decks.

As everything is getting more expensive, and skateboards are an import product their price has shot up in recent months. We wanted to make sure young people had access to a great quality skateboard at less than cost price, and we've been able to do this thanks to your donations! Thank you!

After we've sold out of this very limited design, we hope to engage our skate committee in the next run with a design competition, so watch this space.

To get your hands on a TBS deck, either ask when you next come in for a skate or hit the shop link above. We've even knocked a £5er off for a limited time!

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