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Summer is here!

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Summer is here! and rather than things getting quiet at the boarding school (what usually happens when the weather improves) Things have been getting busier and there's a lot to catch up on!

The amazing people at Clown Skateboards have extended their 'Pass the torch' Volunteering programme for young people, and we're very lucky to be chosen to work with them this year. Our youth volunteer will be getting some goodies as well as learning the ropes with skateboard coaching. The boarding school gets some goodies too, so it's a win all round!

In case you've missed, Portishead has a new skatepark! Maverick completed the build in time for the half term holidays and the place has been heaving with skaters, scooters, and BMX ever since. The park is really good fun and a great mix of ramp and street. For more info like postcodes, parking etc for Portishead and a whole host of other local skateparks check out our database here:

We also have a calendar on our main homepage where we try and keep you all up to date with upcoming skate comps and events in and around Bristol. It's also a great place to check our openings and closings. Here's a few upcoming skate events:

We're also counting down the days to our big road trip of the summer. A two night adventure to skateparks far and wide, staying at Camp Hillcrest in South Wales from the 7th to the 9th July. We're having a planning session on Tuesday (not a usual day) 27th June to get some input from those coming along and nail down all the important details: Which parks, What food, Activities, How much to bring, and who's sleeping where. If you've put your name down for the trip or filled in a form already, it'd be great to see you (otherwise it'll be someone else making all the decisions)!

Finally! The Boarding School has entered into the Page Park Billy Kart race happening on the 9th September. Billy Karts are homemade push karts that have one driver and two pushers. Teams race against each other in heats and we're hoping TBS will be victorious in our first outing, with an untested kart, that's been built by teenagers! What could go wrong? (Don't worry we have really good insurance). We've got our donar go kart that's been stripped down already, and plan to turn it into a giant 8ft long skateboard, complete with nose and tail. Follow us on insta to get very infrequent build updates and come along on the 9th September to Page Park to show your support! (@theboardingschoolsk8 on insta)

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