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All this week a friend of mine, Johnathan 'Willsy' Wills, has set himself the challenge of Skating 372 miles, which is the equivalent distance from Kyiv to the polish border. He's raising money for UNICEF to support humanitarian aid to those having to make the same journey, fleeing the horrible conflict in Ukraine.

372 miles on a skateboard is no joke, as many of The Boarding School skaters will know from our '10 laps for 10 families' fundraising efforts last year, when a group skated 5k for charity.

On Friday I was able to join Willsy for a mere 15 miles of his epic 40 mile target that day, and attempt to keep up with his 8mph average speed. There's no way my fitness or health for that matter would've kept up with him for a mile more, and it was a pleasure to offer some moral support on his mission. Despite injury, muscle cramps, and the British weather, Willsy has managed to hit the 200 mile mark in under a week and plans to complete the rest in every spare bit of time he has around work.

You can find more information on his GoFundMe page and a link to donate if you can.

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