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Skate Committee #4

Last night saw the fourth meeting of the Skate committee, looking forward and planning some rad events this year...

First up was another Boarding School overnight road trip. This year we're planning a two night stay at Camp Hillcrest with some chilled out activities in and amongst the skating to help with energy levels. The date of the trip will be from 5pm-ish Friday 30th June to Sunday 2nd July. Check your diaries and then clear them, then rip the page out so you won't even be tempted to plan anything else! Rob will get trip forms out asap and then attendees can discuss food and activities nearer the trip.

The group were also keen to explore another private hire road trip (Like the one to Spit & Sawdust in Jan). They suggested some parks/spots like Pitt St and London, so Rob will investigate prices and feedback.

Some initial thoughts on The Boarding School running a birthday comp this year was to add some variety into the mix. The group voted how they wanted to format the comp: timed runs? Jam style? or something completely different. They decided a mix of timed runs, and pre recorded video edits would be a good mix and be inclusive to different styles etc.

The group then took a vote on how to spend the subs budget, and which new items of equipment the park needs. The shortlist was as follows: A new large flat-bank that can be fitted to the wall and lowered to different steepness's; A large quarter that goes to vertical and flush to the wall; a pole jam rail; a rainbow ramp/taco/wave; and a smaller bump to wallride. The group voted that the flat-bank and wallride quarter would get the most use and be the most fun. Our youth volunteers will now be let loose with the power tools, watch this space!

Improvements: We asked the group what improvements could be made to sessions, and all replied with a concern over snaking and turn-taking.

It's true The Boarding School's popularity has exploded over the last few months with many sessions packed to capacity and even our quieter Wednesday night is now much busier. Many of our newbies are also newbies to skateboarding in general and aren't familiar with being in skateparks, and the all important etiquette. We as the staff team have taken note of this, so will be doing our best to educate and supervise the sessions more. In addition we discussed perhaps a guidebook to help explain things for newbies, light hearted snake stickers to repeat offenders, and/or a snake alarm/siren haha.

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