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Skate Committee #2

A group of young skaters met this week for the second Skate Committee meeting.

Skaters caught up on actions from the previous meeting including watching the fantastic edit put together for the South Glos Youth Awards and an update on the mini spine project.

Once we've had the wood delivered the skate committee will be looking for volunteers to help with the design and build of the mini spine over a couple of Monday evenings

Rob to organise wood delivery ASAP.

The committee discussed the Birthday Jam event, the format, Judging and prizes:

Skaters are to be allowed 1 min runs (two at a time, if sign ups are busy).

Girls comp starts at 4:30pm - 6pm

Open comp 11-19s from 6pm

Judging will be a mix of traditional scoring with extra points awarded for skating to the best of the individual's ability. Hopefully this will put more skaters in the mix for the top prize.

As well as prizes for 1st and 2nd place in both the Girls and Open comps we hope to have Best Trick, Longest Powerslide, Highest hippy jump, Worst Slam and Send it award!

Date TBC (Once mini spine is finished)

Skaters also began planning a road trip/over night trip for the future, and hoped this could be organised in June to travel to Camp Hill Crest.

Rob to get details and report back.

Finally Skaters requested some snack options at the Boarding School. Rob will follow this up with our Youf Cafe Volunteer to find out what people want and draw up a price list.

Thus concluded the meeting. Date of next meeting to follow the Birthday Jam and complete the road trip planning.

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