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Print and design Workshops *NEW*

Starting in May we'll be running regular print and design workshops for young people. These workshops will be a great and creative introduction to the world of T-shirt printing!

Young people will be able to start their own brand, make merch for a band, or design a special one-off garment to stand out from the crowd.

Using sublimation printing, heat transfer vinyl and DTF you'll will be able to print onto garments, mugs, hats, bags, make stickers: You name it!

Skateboarding and DIY brands have always gone hand in hand, and what better way to express yourself creatively than through the clothes we wear!

Workshops are free to attend, and if you help make a few things for The Boarding School to sell, you'll get to keep something too. If you want to work with your own designs we ask that you help cover the cost of materials and these are listed in the studio. If you want to start mass production of Merch, we can help with some of the upfront costs of DTF printing and help you get up and running!

Head over to our booking page and select the print and design workshops from the drop down list, or head over to our shop to buy some of the new goodies!

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