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Pitt St Road Trip 2023

What can I say? What a day!!!

Initially I was quite dubious when a trip to Pitt St was requested by our Skate Committee back at the start of the year. Everyone seemed a bit unsure exactly where, or how far Portsmouth was. I did, and the 2 hour trip there and 2 hour trip back wasn't very appealing. But as usual young people showed me how wrong I was.

We planned a pit stop of our own on route, knowing that 2 hours might be too long for a bunch of very eager skaters to wait. So, we stopped in Warminster to skate their fairly new Maverick built park, and grab lunch. The bowl, jump ramp, and street sections kept everyone happy, and the weather could not have been better. Sun-cream was a must.

Then it was onto Pitt St. Their park is inside a massive old Sainsbury's supermarket so had a lush smooth floor. Again a good mix of transition and street, with the roller rink keeping our groms happy. Food was really good with most tucking into their pizza or burger options all made fresh in house.

We've had loads of new requests for trips since planning this one, so there will be lots of future opportunities to jump on. Until then check out these pics...

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