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Our First Year Edit

We've had an amazing year at The YOU Foundation, and especially The Boarding School project. Below is a quick video that recaps on out first year and all the highlights including:

April 12th: Our first session. In the car park the day the ramps got delivered, with teams of young people assembling and screwing together the last of the ramps. The session had to be outside due to the pandemic rules at the time, but that just meant BBQ!

August 26th: The Wave trip. We held a raffle for all the young people that had attended the boarding school so far and the winner got to take 2 mates to the Wave to have a go at surfing (where skateboarding started from)! We ran the trip with other Youth Centres from across South Glos.

September 5th: Warmley Skate Park Jam. 20 young people competing in various age groups for prizes donated by Sire clothing, Shiner Dist, and Vandem Skate shop.

September 26th: Sponsored Skate/Run/Walk round Page Park. The event was organised by Staple Hill Community Action Against Racism (SHCAAR) with the aim of raising money for refugees fleeing Afghanistan. Over £1000 was raised on the day!

November 1st: Halloween Jam. With prizes for best dressed, raffle for rails, best trick comp and giveaways for games of S.K.A.T.E. It was well organised chaos!

December 4th: Christmas on the Hill. We celebrated the town festival of Christmas on the Hill by letting everyone skate the park for free for the day!

December 13th: @Crustycams treasure hunt. We closed out the year by hiding little stocking fillers donated by Crusty cams insta page all around the boarding school, with a mad dash to find the loot!

February 21st: South Glos Awards Night. An Oscars themed evening (without any slapping) to celebrate all the amazing things young people have achieved over the last year. With 7 skaters from the boarding school picking up their awards on the night and young people from our music studio project providing the entertainment for the evening.

February 27th: Planet Ice trip. We held a quiz on our website with the fastest person to get all answers correct winning a place for them and 4 mates to go Ice skating in half term. Similar to our Wave trip, this was run with 2 other youth centres from the South Glos Youth Partnership.

March 16th: Young carers Action Day 2022. 9 organisations held a day of action and workshops for young carers from across South Glos at the YOUF Centre, including (of course) Skateboarding workshops!

And that just about wraps it up for the first year of the boarding school. Here's to topping it all in 2022/23. We'll be posting info on our Birthday Jam in the next few weeks, for another chance to get your hands on a load of skateboardy prizes!

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