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New Stuff and Trips!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

A few little updates this week include:

A new grind ledge in the park. This is 7ft long and 1ft high so perfect for progressing to longer grinds and slides and great training for ledges you might find out in the wild.

Finally we've managed to get our pool table recovered, so it plays lovely again. Thank you to the team at World Snooker for recommending a cloth that they use in prisons, so hopefully should stand up to the test of our young people.

We mentioned it before, but we are now taking bookings for our upcoming trip to Spit & Sawdust skatepark, Cardiff. We've privately hired the park for two hours on the 14th Jan 2023, so it'll just be boarding school skaters there, and a nice quiet session with only 14 spaces on the trip. The park has just had a huge refit and doubled in size, with mini ramps, a bowled midi and baby vert, new driveway with all the ledges, rails, hips and gaps you could possibly want! Check out there site and pictures of the place here: and then grab a trip from when you next come into skate or ask a parent guardian to fill the online out here:

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