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Although most sessions have been a bit quieter over the summer holidays (to be expected!) we've had lots of new skaters find out about the Boarding School and come in for their first visit. Many bringing boards that have been stuffed in a damp garage for too many years, or a well meaning 'toy' skateboard bought with the best intentions but doesn't really turn or roll.

It can be very frustrating, because it seems in no other sport/hobby are companies allowed to produce equipment that just isn't fit for purpose, and it's often the uninitiated that fall prey to these 'toy' boards, sometimes putting off would be skaters for life!

Maybe we should start a campaign...?

But in the mean time, it's pushed me to find and source the best quality skateboard at the lowest price that actually works! so that we can provide them as loaner boards in the park, for skaters to borrow, but also to sell as a brand new board too.

Fracture, a British company, are at the top of the list. Over the past week we've been putting one of their £50 completes through it's paces to see how well it holds up.

I've been really pleasantly surprised how good they are, everything's smooth, trucks turn great, and the board has lots of pop and nice concave.

  • For beginners its a perfect set-up, the components will last a long time, and there's everything you need in one place.

  • For more experienced riders it might not last quite as long as a 'pro' set-up, but with Indy Trucks now reaching an eye-watering £70 RRP, there's a positive economy to be made here, and the performance is very similar.

As a charity our aim isn't to turn into a mega business, but simply provide young people with the equipment they need to get the most out of skateboarding and all profits get reinvested into subsidising our sessions, trip, and events! So, Please head over to our shop to check out all our new products!

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