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Mental Health Awareness Week

9th to 15th May 2022 is Mental Health Awareness week, with the focus this year being about loneliness.

It's long been talked about how important physical activity is to your mental health, but there's not many hobbies, sports or lifestyles that can contribute to positive mental attitude like skateboarding.

Failure always comes first in skateboarding, there's no way round it. But skateboarding teaches you to come to terms with that inevitable slam as its the only route to success! Not to mention an increase in focus, trying new things and getting creative, problem solving and escapism. Not many things wraps all these elements into one.

Skateboarders are not immune from hard times though. It's really important to open up and talk about problems we face, to people we can trust, when times are hard. Below are a number of different recourses that can be used by parents, friends, anyone to help open up a dialogue around these issues, or seek further support if needed. We hope it is helpful...

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