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International Women's Day

For Int. Women's Day 2023, we thought we'd share some inspirational female skaters, and ask who inspires you in skating?

Patti McGee

First up is the first ever female pro Patti McGee! She turned pro for Hobie skateboards in 1965 after winning the first female national championships the year before. She paved the way for all to follow.

Cara Beth Burnside

Cara Beth Burnside: The first female on the cover of Thrasher in 1989 and first female to have a pro shoe, the vans CaraBeth in 1999. CB has won 5 Xgames medals for vert skating, but also 3 medals at winter X Games too for snowboarding!

Elissa Steamer

Elissa Steamer is perhaps one of the best known female skaters due to some heavy parts in iconic videos, like Welcome to Hell and Baker Bootleg. Not to mention the 4 X Games gold medals, and her involvement throughout the tony hawk pro skater video game series as the only female pro available in the game!

Rayssa Leal

Rising to viral skate stardom as a 7 year old grom jumping stair sets in a tutu, Rayssa has gone on to become a highly talented and consistent skater. Taking the silver medal for Brazil in the 2021 Olympics at just 13 years old!

Lola Tambling

Hailing from Saltash in the South West, Lola is a born and bred British skating champion. Lola’s parents used to run the Junkyard skatepark, which is probably where she mastered skating big bowls. Lola came 6th in the world championships recently, making her one of the best female park skaters in the world.

Sky Brown

Born with dual citizenship with British and Japanese parents but growing up in California, Sky had access to some amazing parks, and some amazing weather growing up! Sky competed for the UK at the 2021 olympics and become the youngest Brit ever to medal when she won Bronze aged 12. Now 14 Sky has gone on to win the world championships in park skating and continues to progress!

Leticia Bufoni

Leticia Bufoni, is one of the most successful female skaters in the world thanks to several very lucrative sponsorships deals with companies like Nike SB and Red Bull. She has also managed to crossover into the more mainstream, with regular features on lifestyle and athletic magazines. 6 gold X Games medals (12 overall), and 4 world championship titles, Letucia is a formidable contest skater.

Honourable mentions

Momiji Nishiya – winner of the Olympic Street gold!

Sakura Yosozumi – winner of Olympic Park gold!

Chloe Covell – A young Austrailian, with her eyes set on winning every comp in sight, one to watch!

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