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Happy Birthday to... US!

Updated: May 26, 2022

In 2020 with the world thrown into lockdown the youth centre had to close its doors. Over that following year we tried to find ways to support young people the best we could: Handing out activity packs; online tutorial videos; outreach work and well being checks. And all the while we were noticing a big increase in the number of young people that had taken up skateboarding.

The perfect lockdown activity right? Can be done by yourself, just need a flat spot outside, and the only real barrier to getting better is time.

We knew that to support these young people, once everything began to open up again, was to provide a safe, indoor space they could carry on honing their skills. We began fundraising and the large task of designing a skatepark that could fit in with all the other activities that take place in our hall, and eventually in April 2021 The Boarding School officially opened it's doors for the first time.

To mark our first birthday we are throwing a jam style competition. Nothing too full on, just a bit of friendly competition with a few prizes, to say thank you to all the young people for helping make our first year such a success.

Here's where you can help! If you'd like to donate to our prize pot it would be so appreciated. As a small project, with no skateshop we don't have the ability to hassle the big brands for products to give away, so anything you can spare would make a big difference. Please click the link below to donate if you can.

We hope to produce a video showcasing some of the amazing tricks that have gone down at The Boarding School over the last year, but for now enjoy our first promo piece we made before opening and some pics of the different layouts of the ramps over the last year.

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