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Halloween Jam 2022

Our Halloween jam was amazing last year. We'd only been running the skateboard sessions about 6 months and already had a great group that threw themselves into making costumes, playing games, and winning prizes!

Last year we had everyone in at once, in one big session, but that's just not possible anymore. We regularly see about 30 skaters on Mondays now which would just be too crazy all at once! So this year, we're keeping the sessions as they are, which means more prizes and better chances to win!

Last year also, the jam saw the unveiling of a new obstacle, the grind rail. This year will be no different with a aptly named 'Tombstone!' A tombstone is a vertical extention out of a quarter, sometimes with a little transition to help skaters get onto it, Tombstones are not for the faint hearted. Really looking forward to what goes down on this! (See pictures below).

We'll try to remember to take loads of photos/video so we can capture the craziness and chuck an edit up after. See you there!

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