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Girl Dominated Sport!

Back in November 2021 we were approached by a few of our under 15 skaters to see if it was possible to have a time solely for girls to use the park. At that time there was only a handful coming along, but as many were new to skateboarding, it made sense to have a quiet hour to allow a bit more space and few less eyes.

Fast forward to April and we had to make the hour into a full session as it had become busy fast, and then this week we've now crossed over into having more girl skaters attend than boys!

Skateboarding has always been considered a male dominated sport from the 70s through to now. But thanks to skateparks across the country making time and space for girls and the inspiring journey of skaters like Sky Brown has taken to the Olympics, that may all be set to change.

What impact will the new wave of female skaters have on the sport? On park design? On competition? Who knows, but what we do know is that the future looks bright and a lot more inclusive.

The picture below was made by PoserSkateProject in response to some negative comments made online about F51's Girls Only sessions... which made us chuckle

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