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Getting Crafty

We've seen so many new skaters at the Boarding School recently, the word is definitely out and the great British weather is certainly driving people indoors! Booking sessions in advance is still the best way to secure your spot in a session, but also a great way to see how busy sessions are if you fancy a quieter time skating.

Over the last month we've been working on a finger board park table for the green room. Unfortunately our experiments in concrete haven't been too successful, but we think our combination of air drying clay and resin top coat will be strong enough (fingers crossed).

We also kept the tradition of pancake flips over the kitchen light alive this year with many success flips (and many unsuccessful ones too)!

The next skate committee will be on the 8th March 7pm, and we're hoping to get some input for future trips (like our recent one to Spit and Sawdust), perhaps another overnight roadtrip (Like the one to Camp Hillcrest last year), future comps and jams? summer events? and any improvements skaters want to see at TBS.

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