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Design-a-Deck Competition!

Last year we announced a design - a - deck competition!

A chance to get YOUR design printed on a skateboard for you to Hang, Shred or treasure. If you've ever dreamed of becoming a pro-skateboarder and having your name on a custom graphic this is for you, or even if you're a budding artist and wanting an interesting way to display your work?

Well now there is a deadline. We wanted to give everyone a good bit of time to get their entries in, but we can't hang on any longer! The deadline will be end of Feb Half Term aka 18th Feb. The following week we will begin the voting process!

So get your designs in! A template is available below... but essentially your image needs a ratio of 2:7 (so if your using A4 paper, your image should use the whole height and then be 8cm wide). We also have print outs at The Boarding School to take away.

deck printing
Download PDF • 305KB

Entries can be made any time up to the end of 18/02/24, either by email: or by handing your design in to us.

Clocks ticking, so don't sleep on this one!

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