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Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been busy this week at TheYOUFoundation with lots of young people engaged in all sorts of different projects:

Our lounge area, affectionately referred to as the Green Room, has been getting more improvements. This time, some much needed TLC given to the sofa!

The faux leather had come to the end of its life and all the holes were becoming a bit unsightly, even for me. After a quick repair job using gaffer tape it got us thinking... Why not cover the whole thing in funky tape! Each seat got a different design and I think you'll agree, it fits right into a youth club:

We also had pancake day this week. Which saw a return of the ultimate flip challenge (unfortunately cancelled in 2021 due to you know what) which involves flipping your pancake over the kitchen light that's suspended from our ceiling. This is no mean feat! Some brave pancakes were lost in attempts, but the sense of achievement for the successful ones, just made them taste that bit sweeter!

And finally young skaters were stoked to be joined by Daryl Partington on Wednesday evenings skate school. Daryl is a Wight Trash Skateboard Company pro and popped in to check out the project and how he might be able to support us in the future. A skater for 20 years, he definitely had a few new ways to skate the park and I lost count of the NBD's (Never been done's). Take this Benihana grab over the funbox as an example, easily 3ft in the air:

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