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Billy Kart Derby - Page Park

The day is nearly upon us! This Saturday, 9th September Page Park, Staple Hill at about 10am will be turned into a race track with teams from across Bristol pitted against one another to be crowned the Billy Kart Derby kings and queens.

The Boarding School has spent the last few months sourcing materials and assembling our kart to enter. 90% of the wood has been reused from old ramps, off cuts from previous projects, and some unwanted display stands from the Wetland Trust (random I know?). The kart is obviously in the shape of skateboard, and despite being nearly 9ft long, we couldn't help but give it a test drive on the ramps!

On the day we really need some pushers! To comply with the event organisers needs we need parental consent for you to be involved. Please complete the form here if you want to help, and meet us in the park at 10am:

Check out the build pics and videos below:

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