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Billy Kart Derby 2

What a great event! There were 8 teams at the starting grid on Saturday morning. Lining up for the kart procession at 11am, gave the growing crowd the first opportunity to to see the teams and their karts (it was our first opportunity also, to get a measure of the competition)!

There was a real mix: with some local businesses using the opportunity to show their skills, like B&M Motoring's welded, full suspension machine; community organisations like the South Glos race equality network team, raising awareness and advertising, and family teams getting into the community spirit.

Our kart was built more with the way it looks in mind rather than how well it performed in the races. Big, heavy and tough enough for us to skate it with our ramps, but probably not light enough to get pushed round very quickly in the blistering heat lol. But, we did manage to win our final race, so we were really happy with that!

Below are some pictures from the day and the other karts that were entered. We really look forward to next year's event, and until then we found a great place to store our kart!..

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