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Annual Report 2023

We recently held our AGM (annual grand meeting) of the trustees, where we recapped all the work of the youth club over the last year, looked at trends and changes, and set priorities for the next 12 months!

This gives me the opportunity to create a breakdown of the information and some info sheets...

First up, a welcome and all the statistical information our sessions have produced over the last year:

We're really pleased sessions have been so well attended since we started the boarding school project. It's been amazing to watch the development and growth of the sessions and the young people that attend.

Next up, a timeline of the last year with some of the highlights, trips and community events we've been part of:

It's been a ram packed year with so many highlights, we're really looking forward to what the next year has in store!

We feel truly privileged to have worked with so many great young people, but want to pay a special thanks to our fantastic youth volunteers, and all those who got involved with some of our extra projects this year. From Skate Committee meetings, trip planning, ramp building or designing our fingerboard park, Thank you!

Trips have been a great way of exploring skateparks further afield that many may not get the opportunity too. We aim to run a trip each Quarter and an overnight residential once a year. Young people have their say on where, when and what, and then we go!

Finally, a recap on our Youth Cafe and Boarding school projects:

Our Music project has slowly wound down this year. It seems with the rise of more affordable home recording equipment, and schools and colleges cottoning on to the need to provide digital music and incorporate more urban music styles, our studio has been less in demand.

We've got lots of plans for the studio space however, and will be putting it to good use with new project ideas soon, watch this space!

Thank you all for your support over the last year. A massive thanks to our staff for always going above and beyond and the passion you hold for the work. Another massive thank you to our Trustees, who give up their time to make sure all the important and legal aspects of the project are covered. But it would all be for naught without the young people! The effort and development has been staggering, impressive and a privilege to witness!

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