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Emersons Green Skatepark

Emersons Green, Bristol BS16 7AE

Emersons Green Skatepark

Emersons Green is a medium sized skatepark in the shape of a cross as a memorial for the young Jamie Clapp who sadly lost his life in a plane crash. At one of the ends there is a with a 2 foot quarter leading to a 6 foot quarter at the opposite end with Hubbas, ledges, a manny pad, rail, pyramid hip and taco in between. The other part of the cross shape, crosses over this line with a 6 foot to Euro Gap (Wembley Gap) up, and a chunky 4 stair leading to a flat bank. There's also a large tarmac area for flat land with a low planter too!

Found next to Boots on the retail park, there's plenty of free parking, spots to grab cheap food, and some good street spots nearby.

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