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Our 1st year Birthday Jam!

Wow! What a busy week!

The boarding School took a mini road trip last week to offer skateboarding workshops at a couple of Jubilee Celebration events.

The first was the Community Flat Fun Day where we had a couple of quarters, our micro ramp and loads of boards and equipment for young people to give it a try. It was great that a Boarding School regular came to get in a little extra practise and we introduced a few new young people to dropping in and the stoke of skateboarding!

The second of the events was at Page Park, where we also bought a few more street obstacles out with us to play on. I don't think anyone thought the event was going to be as large as it was, and it was great bumping into friends new and old!

...And then finally, Monday 6th saw our first year Birthday Jam. An opportunity for us to thank you to all the amazing young skaters that have helped make The Boarding School so successful in its first year! There were prizes for a Girls comp, Open comp, best trick, worst slam, and some goofy games like highest hippy jump (the winner of which managed an impressive 80cm)!


Girls comp:

1st Jemima

2nd Gracie

3rd Alice

Open comp:

1st Noah

2nd Jet

3rd Tyler

Best Trick:

Jemima for her boardslide in her comp run, by popular vote

Worst slam:

Gracie for her full send over the spine to wipeout

High jump:

Tyler (80cm)!

Longest powerslide:


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